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Therapeutic Instruments

Aesthetic Dentistry

EMS AirFLOW HANDY – Teeth sanding removes dental tartar and plaque. It thus aids in caries prevention.

EMS SWISS Piezon – Ultrasound scaling offers a more sensitive solution for tartar removal.



CAD / CAM – We use cutting-edge technology of the third millennium to make crowns and bridges. With the aid of computer controlled cutters and scanners, we produce precision prostheses that are highly aesthetic and functional.


Conservative Dentistry

ESPE Capmix – It is an automatic filling material mixing unit that allows us to mix tooth fillings in the precise component ratio. It thus eliminates the risk of mixing poor quality tooth fillings.

We use dental amalgam condensing tools, i.e. amalgam condensers, for mechanical condensation to increase the quality of the amalgam filling.


VDW MTWO – It is a system for mechanical root canal preparation used in the treatment of dental follicles.

VDW RECIPROC – It is a single-use-instrument system for mechanical root canal preparation, which allows the use of a single disposable canal instrument per patient. It eliminates the necessity to sterilise instruments for further use.

VDW Apexlokator Raypex 5 – This instrument measures the root canal length without the need to use an X-ray. It thus eliminates the effects of harmful radiation.

VDW BeeFill – This instrument allows us to hermetically seal root canals with a warm root filling. It offers the best currently available method for root canal filling.



OzoneDTA – The ozone generator is designed for the painless treatment of gum inflammations, it simultaneously reduces gum bleeding and treats periodontitis. More information may be found in the Ozone Therapy section.

Laser therapy – It is used for the effective healing of wounds and inflammations.

Dental Surgery

High frequency knife – This scalpel cuts without a drop of blood. We use the electrocauter during surgical procedures and implants as it radically reduces postoperative pain and accelerates wound healing. We also use it to treat complications associated with growing wisdom teeth. The procedure is painless and takes only a few minutes.

Implanteo Anthogyr – This implant unit is used during the insertion of dental implants.

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