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Prosthetics is our domain

We continuously educate ourselves in our medical field. It is the only way to keep pace with the rapid development.


As we are well aware of the financial demandingness of the treatment, whether it involves a single crown or a full-mouth reconstruction, our dentists will offer you an individual prosthetic plan tailor-made to meet your requirements and your budget.


We make:


  • Removable dentures
  • Hybrid dental prostheses
  • Dental crowns and bridges
  • Dental implants


The main task of prosthetics is to replace a missing tooth, a group of teeth and/or their specific sections damaged by caries or trauma. In principle, it involves the fixture of the selected prosthesis type to a "pillar", i.e. on an abraded tooth or a shaped root.


Our Dental Centre makes fixed or removable dentures according to the individual requirements and wishes of our clients. The prostheses are made as quickly as feasible to ensure the maximum comfort of our clients.


Ceramic Facet

A ceramic facet is a thin ceramic plate that can change the shape or colour of a single tooth, or modify the entire smile. Our dentist will first gently abrade the front face of the tooth and then glue the custom-made facet on the tooth. The facet functions and feels as your own tooth and it is indiscernible to the eye.



The crown is an artificial prosthesis used to cover the remaining tooth, which replaces a missing or lost tooth both functionally and aesthetically. At our Dental Centre, you may choose between all-ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns. We are quite particular about flawless aesthetics.



When a dentist wants to replace a missing tooth otherwise than with an implant, the dentist uses a fixed bridge, which is a dental prosthesis glued on abraded teeth. The prosthesis bridges the gap between two teeth and the material used for the bridge is the same as the material used for crowns, i.e. metal-ceramic or all-ceramic.



A temporary or sometimes definitive solution may be a removable resin denture, which replaces a larger number of or all missing teeth.

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