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Ozone Therapy

Natural ozone

Natural ozone forms during storms in the same manner as in the stratosphere: air contains oxygen (O2) which is broken down into atoms by an electrical discharge and the individual atoms form another air component, i.e. ozone (O3).

A similar principle is used to create ozone from the ambient air in HealOzone (3 O2 => 2 O3).

Ozone has biochemical properties. Its sterilisation effect stems from its unstable atomic bond and the consequent good bonding with other elements. Ozone is one of the most powerful and most effective oxidising agents. Specific concentrations of ozone attack selected bacteria, viruses and mould fungi over a set period of time. Their cell wall consisting of unsaturated fatty acids serves as an aid in the bonding process. Oxidation destroys the cell membrane and opens to cell to a double carbon bond.


Healthy cells are resistant to the effects of ozone in prescribed concentrations and their cell membrane is stabilised by oxidation. Ozone is helpful in preventing the resistance of certain bacteria, viruses, and mould fungi.


Ozone therapy:

  • Eliminates 99% of the bacteria causing dental caries within 10 seconds after ozone application;
  • Eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria causing dental caries within 20 seconds after ozone application;
  • Induces re-mineralisation and re-hardening in 4 to 12 weeks in most cases involving root and fissure caries;
  • Has no side effects: The instrument has been used by many dental experts in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Austria, who can readily persuade you of its success rate: fissure caries treated with ozone does not recur in 99% of the cases.


Ozone may be used for the following indications:

Open caries lesions in combination with other conservation work.


Endodontics, root canal sterilisation – ozone may substitute the disinfection effect of root canal rinsing, e.g. with


  • NaOCl
  • CHX
  • H2O2


This significantly simplifies the treatment process and increases the success rate due to the higher disinfection effect of ozone.


Endodontics, root canal sterilisation


Fissure Caries


  • Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums, application on soft tissue: Herpes, aphthae
  • Periodontitis – inflammation of the periodontal apparatus
  • Stomatitis – inflammation of the mouth
  • Alveolitis – inflammation of the bone socket in the lower or upper jawi
  • Periimplantitis – inflammation after dental implant
  • Wound infection
  • Aphthae
  • Initial caries stages
  • Chronic tooth pulp inflammation


Other Indications:


  • Neuralgia
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