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Dental Hygiene


Teeth sanding is recommended to patients with an increased tendency to pigment sedimentation on their teeth. A major contributor to tooth pigmentation includes the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking. Dark stains can be removed from the teeth with a special device that releases water under pressure with specially treated crystals of sodium bicarbonate, which removes the external pigment. The dental sander emits pressurised water with special sodium bicarbonate crystals that remove any external pigmentation. The treatment does not damage the enamel and, instead, it gives you a beautiful and clean smile…Teeth sanding is carried out in our surgery using the NSK Varios Combi Pro device.

  • Removal of pigmentation and dental plaque aids in the prevention of periodontitis;
  • Before in-office and in-home teeth whitening;
  • Before fissure sealing (i.e. filling of deep holes and grooves in the teeth of children patients);
  • Elimination of discolouration after the removal of a fixed apparatus (i.e. fixed dental braces).
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