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BRAND NEW diagnostic equipment


We have acquired the DIAGNOCam "to see the invisible".

With this cutting-edge imaging technology, we can detect dental caries without an X-ray.



Detects hidden caries without harmful radiation

As one of the first dental clinics in the Czech Republic, we have put to use this unique camera capable of detecting caries that remains "invisible" to standard X-rays. The procedure is absolutely painless and takes only a few minutes.

You and the dentist will be able to watch the progress and the results of the examination online. Together, we will be able to detect interdental or occlusal caries in its initial stages and prevent its further growth. Undetected caries could continue to grow unnoticed and cause even more damage.

All that without dangerous X-radiation! This means that the examination may be repeated several times a year without any fear of the harmful effects of ionising radiation.



The new KaVo DIAGNOcam is the first camera system to use the own structure of the tooth for caries detection.


Light at a specific wavelength penetrates through the tooth, which thus serves as a light conductor. The digital camera scans the images and displays them on a computer screen. Dental caries is shown as a dark shadow.

As the images can be saved, this significantly simplifies continuous monitoring and communication with the client.

Thanks to Digital Imaging Fiberoptic Transillumination, the DIAGNOcam offers high diagnostic safety, which is often comparable or even better than when using a standard X-ray, especially with a view to approximal and occlusal caries. In addition, it allows the imaging of certain types of secondary caries and fissures.


Thereby, DIAGONOcam provides a quick and safe method of dental caries detection without exposing the patient to harmful X-radiation.

Compared to other methods, the diagnostic results are not impaired by the presence of plaque or other residues.

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