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  • We will give you a beautiful smile! We will give you a beautiful smile!
  • We enjoy what we do We enjoy what we do
  • An individual approach! An individual approach!
  • We look forward to your visit… We look forward to your visit…

High Quality Treatment

Modern dentistry is the combination of the human brain and hand with cutting-edge technology

Sufficient time for treatment and the use of the latest procedures and materials are a guarantee of high quality treatment. By continuously educating our specialists, we aim to offer you the best possible care.


During every conservative treatment, we standardly use double checks by means of a caries detector. It helps us minimize the risk of secondary caries formation (under the filling). Thus, along with perfect hygiene, we can provide you with a guarantee for our treatment.

When working with composites, we use a dental dam.

When preparing amalgam fillings, we use amalgam capsules and condensers. This way, we extend the life span of the filling to its maximum.

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